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With thousands of new and old cryptocurrency tokens on the market, selecting the best crypto to invest in is a difficult task. This guy puts together a shortlist of top cryptos to buy heading into 2024 with potential to explode in the next bull run.

We analyze a range of presale tokens, which are available at their lowest prices, along with well-established large-cap cryptocurrencies which are outperforming at the time of writing.

Best Cryptos to Buy Now For The Next Crypto Bull Run

Listed below are half a dozen of the top cryptocurrency assets to invest in right now:

  1. Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) – Exciting new presale cryptocurrency offers high staking yields and deflationary tokenomics. Bitcoin ETF Token speculates on the upcoming Bitcoin ETF arrival, and has designed its tokenomics in accordance with the ETF’s approvals.
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – A revolutionary stake-to-mine cryptocurrency that is tokenizing the cloud mining space, and offering Bitcoin mining power to $BTCMTX holders. The $BTCMTX has raised more than $4.2 million within a few months of its presale.
  3. Meme Kombat (MK) – New meme platform allows players to fight with meme coin avatars in an AI-driven battle arena. Stake $MK tokens to earn up to 500% staking yields on the presale.
  4. TG.Casino (TGC) – Fully-licensed Telegram casino that offers additional use cases and cashback rewards with $TGC – the native token. Get 200% matched deposit bonuses and staking rewards.
  5. Bitcoin (BTC) – The largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin is a proof-of-work token that has a live market cap of more than $670 billion. BTC is up by 25% in the last 30 days.
  6. Pepe Coin (PEPE) – One of the most popular meme cryptos of 2023, Pepe Coin is based on the popular ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme. The token is up by over 60% in the past two weeks.

Reviewing the 6 Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Now

Our sections below will provide a detailed review of each of the 6 best cryptocurrency assets to hold for 2024. We will explain the cryptocurrency’s use cases, price points, and advantages in detail.

1. Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) – Overall Best Crypto to Buy

Our #1 pick for the best cryptocurrency to invest in of 2023 is Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF). This new cryptocurrency has been created to celebrate the arrival of a new Bitcoin ETF.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (1)

This platform’s tokenomics have been designed to reward token holders based on the events around a Bitcoin ETF approval. For instance, Bitcoin ETF Token will burn 5% of its 2.1 billion token supply once the SEC approves the first Bitcoin ETF.

Another 5% will be burned when the first Bitcoin ETF is launched. In total, Bitcoin ETF Token will conduct 5 burning events – burning 25% of its total token supply. Another 25% of its token supply will be distributed via staking rewards.

Investors can start generating these rewards by locking $BTCETF on a smart contract – which is verified by Coinsult. At the time of writing, the smart contract offers an over 100% annual staking yield.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (2)

Therefore, you can earn higher yields by staking more tokens. 840 million tokens are being allocated across ten presale rounds – in an effort to raise nearly $5 million. Currently, $BTCETF is priced at only $0.0058 per token. By the final stage, the price will rise to $0.0068 per token.

So far, this presale has raised more than $1.3 million in only a few weeks. Stay updated for more project developments by going through the Bitcoin ETF Token whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – New Cryptocurrency Tokenizing Cloud Mining through its Stake-to-Mine Mechanism

Bitcoin Minetrix is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency that is decentralizing the cloud mining space. Earning revenues through crypto mining is not a sustainable source of income for everyday individuals – due to the high costs of purchasing advanced equipment and mining rigs.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (3)

Therefore, third-party corporations offer rented mining times to users. However, this industry is plagued with dubious activities and scams. Bitcoin Minetrix is the first platform to decentralize the process by offering ERC-20 cloud mining credits through its stake-to-mine mechanism.

Since these credits are recorded on the blockchain, they cannot be duplicated, and investors have more transparency over their assets. The Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper states that investors can buy and stake $BTCMTX on the Ethereum-based smart contract to earn these ERC-20 credits.

Along with cloud mining credits, you can also earn high APYs (Annual Percentage Yield). Presale investors can earn APYs as high as 138% during the presale. Once you start earning the cloud mining credits, you can burn them on the ecosystem to generate Bitcoin cloud mining power.

With this, investors can get allocated mining times and receive a portion of mining revenues. Thus, Bitcoin Minetrix reduces the entry barrier to cloud mining, offers more autonomy, and passive income. Thus, $BTCMTX can be one of the best cryptos to hold right now.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (4)

From a total supply of 4 billion, Bitcoin Minetrix has allocated 2.8 billion tokens across 39 presale rounds. At press time, $BTCMTX is priced at $0.0118 per token. By the final round, the price will surge to $0.0148 per token. In a few weeks since the presale started, Bitcoin Minetrix has raised a whopping $4.2 million.

Bitcoin Minetrix is also conducting a minedrop – through which 10 lucky presale investors can win from a pot of $30K worth of $BTCMTX tokens. Stay updated with this cryptocurrency by joining the Bitcoin Minetrix Telegram channel.

3. Meme Kombat (MK) – Fight with Meme Coin Avatars and Earn Wagering and Staking Rewards

Meme Kombat (MK) is a new meme cryptocurrency platform that is developing a battle arena by leveraging artificial intelligence. This battle arena will allow players to engage in battles by picking their own meme coin characters.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (5)

According to the Meme Kombat whitepaper, the battle arena will be released in different seasons – each offering unique characters and earning opportunities. Currently, $MK, the native token, is available to buy on presale for just $0.205 per token. After the end of the presale, Meme Kombat is expected to launch the first season of the battle arena.

Investors can wager their $MK tokens to bet on multiple games in the battle arena. You can challenge your friends on the Player vs Player mode and up the stakes by wagering $MK on the fight. Similarly, players can wager tokens to predict the final outcomes of matches in the Player vs Game mode. This new meme coin is also offering presale investors up to 500% annual staking yield. Once you purchase $MK on presale – the tokens are automatically staked.

However, investors must re-stake their holdings at least once after the presale ends, to avail of the presale yields. After the end of the presale, Meme Kombat will offer dynamic staking rewards. In this case, the yield will depend on the number of tokens staked on the smart contract. Thus, investors can access several earning opportunities with this meme coin – making it a potential investment opportunity.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (6)

This trending token has a total supply of only 120 million – 50% of which has been allocated for the ongoing presale. Another 30% will be offered through community and battle rewards, while 10% will be offered as community rewards. The remaining supply has been set aside for decentralized exchange (DEX) allocation.

Meme Kombat has raised over $1.9 million since the start of the presale. For more information on this project, join the Meme Kombat Telegram channel.

4. TG.Casino (TGC) – Fully-Licensed Telegram Casino Offers 25% Cashback on Losses and High Staking Yields

TG.Casino is a new cryptocurrency online casino that offers several use cases through $TGC – its native cryptocurrency.

A fully licensed casino, TG.Casino is registered with the government of Curacao and has received positive reviews across gambling news outlets like Rakeback.com.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (7)

Furthermore, players can access this casino directly through Telegram – without filling in any KYC (Know Your Customer) forms. On your first deposit, TG.Casino offers a 200% matched deposit bonus of up to 10 ETH. $TGC token holders can get access to exclusive casino games on the casino. TG.Casino will also reward top performers with $TGC rewards.

TG.Casino offers instant deposits and withdrawals, and supports multiple crypto payment options including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Those who make bets with $TGC are guaranteed 25% cashback on any losses incurred.

The token can also be staked on the TG.Casino ecosystem to earn APYs as high as 200%. On the casino, players can access hundreds of slot machines, live dealers, and table games.

TG.Casino will also offer a sportsbook through which you can access some of the top sports betting markets. From a total supply of 100 million – 40 million $TGC tokens have been allocated for the ongoing presale. Another 20 million tokens will be offered through staking rewards, and 20 million for the liquidity pool.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (8)

At press time, investors can buy $TGC for just $0.15 per token. Since the presale started, TG.Casino has raised more than $2.8 million. Join this Telegram casino and read through the whitepaper to stay updated with any new developments.

5. Bitcoin (BTC) – Largest Cryptocurrency with a Live Market Cap of $670 Billion

No best crypto to buy now list could be complete without Bitcoin – launched in 2009 by an unknown figure going by the Satoshi Nakamoto alias, Bitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency in the world. This deflationary cryptocurrency has a supply of only 21 million tokens – which will be unlocked over a 120-year vesting period.

Currently, more than 19.5 million BTC tokens are circulating in the market. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading around the $38,000 level. In November 2021, BTC hit its all-time high of just over $69,000. Since then, due to the uncertainty in the economic climate and the rising inflationary rates – crypto and other major asset classes entered a corrective phase.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (9)

Towards the end of 2022, BTC was trading under the $17K zone. However, the token price has revived in 2023. Since the start of the year, the price has soared from the $16,500 level to today’s price of $38,200 – a price jump of more than 108%. In the last 30 days alone, BTC is up by almost 15%. The live market cap is over $670 billion.

BTC is still trading just over 50% below its ATHs. As Bitcoin has seen massive highs and lows over the last 14 years but is still in a clear long-term uptrend, this may be an asset to store in your crypto portfolio for the long term.

6. Pepe (PEPE) – Trending Cryptocurrency Based on the ‘Pepe the Frog’ Meme

In the past few years, meme coins have offered some of the highest returns in the cryptocurrency space. One of the most popular coins in this space is Pepe (PEPE). This cryptocurrency is based on the infamous ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme – and soared in price as soon as it launched.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (10)

Within four weeks of this token’s launch in April 2023, $PEPE crossed a market cap of more than $1 billion. As is the case with most meme coins, the token faced a lot of volatility throughout the year. From an ATH of $0.00000431 in May 2023, the token collapsed by more than 85%.

However, $PEPE is proving to be one of the best tokens to hold heading into 2024. In the last 14 days – $PEPE is up by 62.7%. As the token is still trading 75% below its May highs, we could witness a further price jump in the coming weeks.


Our picks for the best cryptocurrency investments cover a range of assets – including new tokens that are soaring during their presale stages, large-cap tokens that can be safe long-term investments, and meme coins.

We recommend Bitcoin ETF Token as the best crypto to buy now before 2024. This presale token has raised more than $1.5 million in only a few weeks – and offers over 100% in annual staking yields.

A deflationary token, $BTCETF will also burn 25% of its token supply, making it a potentially valuable investment opportunity for the long-term.

Visit Bitcoin ETF Token

I'm an enthusiast with a comprehensive understanding of the cryptocurrency market, presale mechanisms, and blockchain technology. My involvement in various blockchain-related projects and extensive research in the field enable me to provide insights and analysis on the latest trends and potential investment opportunities.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about the best cryptocurrencies to buy for the next bull run:

  1. Presale Tokens:

    • Presale tokens refer to cryptocurrency tokens that are offered to investors before the official public sale or listing on exchanges. Investors typically get these tokens at a discounted price during the presale phase.
  2. Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF):

    • A presale cryptocurrency designed to celebrate the arrival of a new Bitcoin ETF.
    • Tokenomics tied to the approval events of the Bitcoin ETF, with burning events and staking rewards.
    • Rewards for token holders based on SEC approval and the launch of the first Bitcoin ETF.
  3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX):

    • A stake-to-mine cryptocurrency tokenizing the cloud mining space.
    • Offers ERC-20 cloud mining credits through a stake-to-mine mechanism, reducing entry barriers to cloud mining.
    • Decentralizes the cloud mining process, providing transparency and autonomy to investors.
    • High APYs (Annual Percentage Yield) during the presale.
  4. Meme Kombat (MK):

    • A meme cryptocurrency platform with an AI-driven battle arena.
    • Players can fight with meme coin avatars and earn rewards through wagering and staking.
    • Presale offers up to 500% annual staking yield.
    • Dynamic staking rewards after the presale.
  5. TG.Casino (TGC):

    • A fully-licensed Telegram casino using $TGC as its native cryptocurrency.
    • Offers matched deposit bonuses, cashback rewards, and high staking yields.
    • Provides a sportsbook for sports betting.
    • Instant deposits, withdrawals, and support for multiple cryptocurrencies.
  6. Bitcoin (BTC):

    • The largest and first cryptocurrency, operating on a proof-of-work mechanism.
    • Limited supply of 21 million tokens, with a deflationary model.
    • Current market cap over $670 billion.
    • Considered a long-term investment due to its historical performance and market dominance.
  7. Pepe Coin (PEPE):

    • A meme cryptocurrency based on the 'Pepe the Frog' meme.
    • Experienced volatility but trending positively in recent days.
    • Notable for its rapid market cap growth shortly after launch.
  8. Conclusion:

    • Recommends Bitcoin ETF Token as the top crypto to buy, citing its presale success, potential for high staking yields, and deflationary features.
    • Highlights the diversity of recommended assets, covering presale tokens, large-cap tokens like Bitcoin, and meme coins.

Investors are advised to conduct thorough research and consider the associated risks before investing in any cryptocurrency.

6 Best Crypto to Buy Now Before 2024 With Explosive Potential for Early Investors | Finbold (2024)


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